Promotional Products and Apparel

Welcome To Snap2Promos! We offer quality customer service delivery on promotional items. If you are looking to brand your company, we can help you best use your budget to fit your needs. Please take some time to browse our site and email us with any questions you may have.

A Quick Word On Pricing: You may notice that a lot of the items on our site have a price range. That's because each custom print job is different, depending on quantity, your artwork, how many colors you imprint, etc. The prices we show here are just to give you a ballpark. Your job will be unique. Remember that while we have a lot of great technology these days, custom imprinting still requires good old fashioned labor. Someone has to set up your artwork, make sure it will print cleanly, and usually (depending on the print process for your item) an actual human has to create a screen for each color in your artwork. You'd be surprised at how much work goes into printing one T-shirt! To get exact pricing on your print job, please email us and we'll get something to you the same day.

A Quick Word On Actual Humans: Why use us instead of an online DIY print shop? Well, we know you're busy. And you would be surprised how much there is to know about custom printing. Sure, you can manage certain projects on your own. But wouldn't it be nice to have an actual human helping you get exactly what you want? And wouldn't it be nice to turn to someone and say, "hey, order me 100 more of those mugs," and voila! Or when you need to put together a budget, wouldn't it be great if you could have someone else do the pricing for you? We like to say that when you work with us, it's like having your own secret marketing department. We can help you come up with ideas, we'll brainstorn with you, and we'll even help you with your artwork if you need it. And the best part is that we can usually do as good if not better on pricing than those online places. Pop us an email. You'll be happy with our customer service. You'll have an actual human on your team!

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